Spice Rack

This is my first project using my new router table. I knew I wanted one and making a spice rack for the wife was the best excuse to build one. The off-the-shelf racks we tried would not fit on the back of our smaller-than-normal pantry door. Our pantry door looks like a walkway made in the 1100’s; the time period of dwarf-people. So I would put my new rack on the wall next to it; I wanted something to show off anyway. Continue reading Spice Rack

New Unwanted Berserker 2015 Theme!

Made a brand new theme for my website. It took a while, but I think it turned out pretty awesome. Tell me what you guys think! I took the Twenty Fifteen theme from WordPress and completely reworked it; I edited the PHP files, css, and rewrote and recalculated some of the javascript to do some pretty cool stuff. The page should now resize depending on the screen size and be more mobile device friendly.

Making tools to make things with those tools

I spent the last few weeks going to Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, and calling different lumber places to try and figure out/get what I needed. I had a list of things I wanted before I would be satisfied enough to begin making my wife’s mirror frame. Saw horses, a jig, a router edge guide, and a work table were the biggest things that I knew I’d want and need. Since they weren’t supposed to be pretty, I could practice on those without worrying about messing up any wood or wasting money. If I made mistakes with these and they didn’t turn out as pretty, at least they’d still have functionality… right? Continue reading Making tools to make things with those tools

First woodworking project

Learned great muches from my first woodworking experience. Spent most of the day cleaning up the garage, moving tools, putting stuff in the attic, etc, to help make room for a decent work area. After dinner and a little friends-time I decided to start hand planing the straightest board I could find. I have about six 6’ boards left over from when I had to replace my gate on my fence. I bought all new boards and a kit and kept the old wood just in case I wanted it later. Good thing I did. They are a little dirty and discolored, and not the best quality, but Brittney wanted that old look so I decided why not have my first project be a frame for an old mirror. That way it won’t matter that it’s some crappy old fence wood with knots and nail holes throughout. Continue reading First woodworking project

More writing and new hobbies…

So, as always it seems, it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been working on some more chapters of my newest book, though not as fast as I have been or hoped. To be honest I think I’m in that “Great Swampy Middle” everyone talks about and have been avoiding the writing. Continue reading More writing and new hobbies…

George the Dog – Ebook Available!

I have decided to go ahead and offer a download of my short story George the Dog. Hopefully someone will pick this up and want to publish it. If you see errors/typos let me know (I’m not an Editor, I’ve probably missed things) and I’ll update the files, etc. Go ahead and read! Enjoy! It’s 4 chapters at around 8100 words. Let me know what you think.

Click here to Download!